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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for billing or technical support?

Zebradots does not offer telephone-based support at this time. We provide request-based support in order to document all issues, provide a searchable database of requests for faster resolution and resource allocation, and help our IT staff focus on resolving service interruptions when multiple requests address the same issue.

Our most common requests are answered by the Account Information Sheet provided at the time the account was created. Please have this information ready before opening a request ticket.

Call centers are not staffed with IT personnel to answer technical questions. That's why they simply open a request ticket for you over the phone, type in your description of the problem, and provide you with a ticket number. But when you create a technical support request at Zebradots Support Center, you are given a ticket number instantly: no hold music, no unrelated questions, no run-around. Our staff is notified of your issue so we can immediately get it in front of the person or department best able to resolve it for you quickly.

For fastest resolution of a technical support request, please provide our staff with:

  1. The exact error message you are receiving
  2. The website URL address where you see this error
  3. The steps we can take to reproduce this error

 Last updated Mon, Oct 8 2012 7:00am