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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read, write or send new emails?

You can read and write emails from anywhere in the world through your browser. Here's how:

  • Locate the Your Account Details page you printed when you created the account
  • Enter the URL provided for accessing your email, which is usually http://_YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_/email
  • If you receive an untrusted connection warning, you may ignore it (see below)

Your browser may display a certificate warning

  • Once you are connected, you will see a login page prompting you for your email address and password (see below)

The email login screen

  • Enter your complete email address, e.g. <>, and the password you set for this account
  • If your login fails, double-check the sheet titled Your Account Details to make certain you have the correct information
  • (If you know your login and password are correct, but you are still failing to log in, make sure you have some free disk space left!)
  • When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted for your full name and email address (see below)

After the first login, you will be prompted for your name

  • The only information that is required at your first login are your Full Name and Email Address, which will appear on all outbound emails
  • You are also able to set a signature for your outbound emails here, if you prefer
  • Click Submit at the bottom right to save your preferences

Your fresh new Inbox is probably empty

  • Once your preferences have been saved, you can click INBOX to the left to see your list of emails (which is probably empty)
  • To compose a new email, just click Compose at the top of the page

You're all set!

 Last updated Mon, Oct 8 2012 7:00am