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How do I change, remove, or add an email account?

Creating a new email account gives you a whole new email address and inbox, along with a new username and password.

For example, if your default email address is <>, you could create a new email account for <> which delivers mail to a new account that only Roger has access to using the password you set for him.

If you're just trying to receive email for a certain address, and you don't need a new username and password, or you don't want to log in and check multiple email accounts, then you probably want an email alias instead. See the FAQ entry for creating a new email alias.

Follow these steps to add a new email account:

  • Log in to the Hosting Control Panel (see this FAQ entry for instructions on how to log in)
  • Once you are logged in, click the link in the left panel titled Edit Users
  • You will see a list of the current email accounts (users) on the right side; your account starts with only one defined (see below)

Viewing the list of email accounts (users)
  • Click Add a user to this server
  • The Create User page will appear
  • In the Email address box at the top, enter the account name, e.g. roger (email addresses are generally all lowercase)
  • In the Password box, enter a password for Roger's new account (see below)
  • Click Create

Creating a new email account
  • After the user is created, click Edit Users again on the left pane
  • The list of users will appear on the right, with your new user listed among them (see below)

The list of users, including your new email user
  • Find the new user, and make note of the IMAP / POP3 / FTP login name for your new user, e.g. roger.mydomain
  • This is the username that will be used to log in and check email via IMAP or POP3
  • The password is the one you selected when you created this user
  • Please note that when logging into Zebradots webmail to check your email, you can enter your full email address instead of this username (although either will work)

Once this information is saved, emails to <> would be delivered to his personal email account, which he must log into using his new username and password. Send a test email to confirm that it works!

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